Yearly Astrological Forecast Report

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Yearly Astrological Forecast Report

A twelve-month report that follows the planets and stars throughout the year and forecasts their influence over you.

“Astrology gives us the ability to see which energies and patterns will be attracted to us in this lifetime and allows us to see which influences are on the horizon. We can use it as a tool to find our Achilles heel and turn it into our superpower. In addition, astrology allows us to find the hidden meanings and root causes to these different experiences and when approached for personal development can give us an immensely deep understanding of ourselves.” – An excerpt from The Witch’s Book of Power, Devin Hunter Llewellyn 2016

Get a personalized Yearly Astrology Forecast Report from Devin Hunter sent to you in .PDF e-mailed to you. You will be emailed by Devin within 24 hours of your purchase to retrieve your date of birth, birth time, and place of your birth so he can draft the report.

 (Average 120 pages-150 pages)